So that no one can register with a disposable e-mail address.


Protect yourself from disposable email address

Disposable e-mail addresses are not reprehensible.

  • However, they can compromise your privacy.
  • Your newsletters are proving ineffective.
  • Don't accept fake users.
  • Protect your registration from disposable e-mail addresses.


  • The software itself is free.
  • Register and download.
  • 31 days free license to test, for each sub / main domain.



Offers starting with 9.95 EUR incl. Tax.

  • Longer license terms, lower price.
  • Versatile discounts for you.


Different discounts:

  • For the license runtime up to 30%
  • For the current hour up to 10%
  • For the current day up to 10%
  • For the current month up to 10%
  • For special days up to 10%
  • For active licenses up to 10%

Cross-Seller Program

Attractive cross-seller program

  • 25% commission of the net sale value.
  • Every time the customer purchases a license.
  • Permanently.
  • Register and become cross-sellers.



  • Currently, 3146 are active disposable e-mail address domains in the database.
  • Currently there are 3945 entries in the monitoring.

Disposable email address

  • Each person has the right to use disposable e-mail addresses.
  • Every operator has the right to prohibit, in his internet presence, disposable email adresses.

Developer API

For developers, we also provide an API. So you can implement it in your software.

Protect yourself from disposable email address

Disposable e-mail addresses are by themselves nothing reprehensible.

However, if you operate a site where:

  • You have to send newsletters.
  • Data protection must be granted.
  • A shop is operated.

Then you should not be able to use disposable e-mail addresses.

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Attractive cross-seller program

We know that we do not reach everyone with our advertising because we do not know all the places on the Internet where we could advertise. But we also do not want to force money down the throat, because it is never ensured that the advertisement is displayed in the right places and clickbots are not always recognized.

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For you as developer

Because we limit ourselves to the systems of Joomla and Wordpress we provide our library to developers for them to create implementations for other systems.

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